Monday, October 22, 2012

More racism at Harry’s Place

At this post’s comment section:

All comments made by ‘Lamia’ (risible spelling has been left untouched):
I really object to foreigners who come to Britain and then publicly stir up hatred against groups already living here, be that either the majority or a minority. I would like to see ungrateful genocidal filth like Yasmin Alibhai Brown and Ghada Kharmi kicked out of the country. Why are so many high profile left wing ‘refugees’ to Britain complete and utter cunts?
And (in response to a fellow nut):
you are quite right. People like Alhibai Brown make a living or owe their position from complaining about being subjected to dreadful racism and hatred, yet events like this show that they like nothing more than publicly stirring up racist shit against others. And they’ve chosen Britain as the platform for it – and ublic are supposed to treat this as something to be proud of, a sign of our ability to tolerate peopthe ple we may find objectionable, rather than a sign of how supine, stupid and disployal to the native population our establishment is. There is no virtue or benefit in Britain giving a home to ungrateful and intolerant foreign individuals, and there never was.
We need a law, and soon, to make all new British citizens or residents have to serve a long probationary period – 30 or 40 years, say – during which if they commit serious crimes or stir up hatred against – or even start moaning about – other groups in the country, or even start moaning about them, they lose their citzenship and get booted out of the country. Then we might get some peace from hatemongering noseyparkers like Alibhai Brown, Atzmon and co.
Later in the comment section Sarah AB thanks ‘Lamia’ for part of his contribution. And these are the people who denounce anyone who isn’t fully enamoured with Zionism’s occupation and Apartheid as a ‘Jew hater’…

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