Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sarah AB: ‘Many Palestinians have been affected by Israel’

Another Sarah AB post over at the Brown Sauce, this one about another mosque targeted in the West Midlands, brought out the very worst of HP habitué Islamophobes (but don’t use that term or you’ll basically be considered a Cultural Marxist). Mention Islam or Muslims or Mosque and out they come in full force. Here’s a particularly cauliflowered brain:

Dick Turnip: If Muslims stopped attacking people and cutting off heads then maybe they wouldn't be attacked. However, I really doubt it's going to happen as it's their religion to attack all non-Muslims.

Sarah AB (in response to another racist defending this comment): I'm astonished you can be so blase about that comment, which implied, if it did not state, that the attack was so expected/natural as to be justifiable. You could use similar logic to justify, or brush aside, Palestinian suicide bombers - and I expect many Palestinians have been affected far more pressingly by Israel than most of us have by Muslims/Islam (though I guess if you spend your whole time reading Jihad Watch you are going to forget that.) Obviously there are problems with extremists of both the violent and non violent kinds, but, particularly with incidents such as the murder of Rigby, almost every Muslim will condemn that (other important issues will elicit more mixed or uncertain responses - eg wrt apostasy). In France there is also a problem with Islamophobia - something which I was personally aware of when I was there for a conference recently - really different from UK. Banning of face veils has the support of some Muslims, but there have also been attacks on halal slaughter ('and do you eat foie gras?' shut up someone who chose to moan to me about that issue) and a woman, as I reported here, was not allowed to go on a school trip with her son's school because she was wearing a hijab. In Switzerland there are restrictions on minarets. I get the sense that claims that the curriculum is being censored by Muslims is much exaggerated, though if it is it is the kind of thing which should be a concern, yes, although often such moves derive from liberal non-Muslims in fact.

I expect many Palestinians have been affected far more pressingly by Israel than most of us have by Muslims/Islam […]”… wow Sarah, by HP’s standards that’s quite an admission of… should I say ‘Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians’ (I really don’t want to put words into your mouth, dearest!)

She follows up:

I'll just add, in case it was ambiguous, that I think the suicide attacks in Israel were completely horrifying and indefensible, and also more unambiguously planned to kill and also more unambiguously planned to kill and maim given that there is some suggestion that the placement of the West Midland bombs hasn't been designed to hit the target as clearly as one might expect - although that could relate to access, or a wish for the device to remain concealed, rather than a wish to avoid harm.

So with the inevitable disclaimer paragraph she swiftly restores the Karma balance: mirror, mirror on the wall: Palestinians terrorists remain the most wicked of them all! So there!


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