Wednesday, August 07, 2013

David Hirsh: it ain’t over till the Fat Blob Sinks

David Hirsh, pretend progressive, fake anti-racist, ‘sociologist’, bar room ‘historian’ and ‘non-Zionist’ professional pro-Israel one man advocacy groupie, has reached a new low in attempting to smear the ‘antisemitic’ (read anti-Zionist) Left. In an absurd talk administered to the 6th grade of a Jew’s Free School (pity the poor children!) he comes up with this world-beater:
'The Nazis are usually thought of as right wing. But in some ways, they were also similar to the left. They were radical, they wanted profound change. They didn’t like nationalism, they had a global programme for changing the whole world. They were hostile to British and American imperialism and democracy. They put their big political ambitions before the ‘pursuit of happiness’. Hitler claimed to be the universalist and he said it was the Jews who wrecked society for everybody by following only their own selfish interests.' (find the whole ramble over at Engage online)
Hitler as a ‘universalist’… ‘The Nazis didn’t like nationalism’… the mind truly boggles. Attempts to try and equate Nazism with the Left are of course the discourse of particularly nutty fringe Conservatives and aren’t new. Debunking Dave’s nonsense, as well as part of his sorry career isn’t a good use of my time but Tony Greenstein’s made a particularly good job of it here. General H/T to JsF for breaking this story.

Hirsh pontificating about things he knows nothing about


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