Sunday, August 03, 2014

How Israel virtually created Hamas

It’s a dirty little Zionist secret barely known by most of Israel’s Ziobot supporters that Israel supported the embryonic Hamas, in a classic colonialist divide-and-rule tactic to provide counter weight to their long standing nemesis, Fatah/PLO. They truly stop at nothing but the chickens came home to roost.


The American Conservative

The Wall Street Journal online ME Issues

Related, from a Haaretz article about Dr. Zvi Sela, a former senior Israeli police officer and a psychological consultant, talking about Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, then in prison:

Haaretz: What did you talk about?

Sela: "Business - intelligence. When the biggest adversaries sit down to talk face to face, it's a different ball game. I always told him, 'Stop blowing up buses, stop murdering women and children.' He replied: 'Tzvika, listen, we had good teachers: You established a state thanks to your military power. The dead I take from you are for the sake of establishing a state, but you are killing women and children for the sake of the occupation. You already have a state. You are dirty and hypocritical. I have no interest in destroying you - all I want is a state."


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