Friday, August 15, 2014

Murky Douglas strikes Again (who does he think he is?)

Douglas Murray doesn’t like Muslims (or Islam, for that matter). But he loves Neoconservatism (he’s even written a bookiewook about it!). And he loves Israel and Zionism first and foremost.

Murray’s main occupation nowadays appears to try an ‘prove’ that all that Gaza related criticism of the Zionist Entity is really just not so thinly veiled Jew hatred. And in particular protests by Muslims, whom he posits “These otherwise "integrated" people [integrated Muslims] hate Israel and Jews because they have been taught to”.

You can find this latest anti-Muslim drivel on the gatestoneinstitute dot org website (but I’ll be damned if I’m linking to it).

He claims:

“This of course makes the challenge vastly bigger than many people may have thought. The problem is that a whole generation -- perhaps several -- has been taught to hate. What is notable, though, is that in a country such as Britain, most Muslims are descended from the Indian sub-continent. What is "Palestine" to them? It should have been nothing, or at least no more concern of theirs than anywhere else.”

Who on Earth does Murky Douglas think he is that he can decide what British Muslims can think about Palestine? Does he feel anyone has the right to tell British Jews what to think about Palestine (or any other matter)?

If only these ‘integrated Muslims’ would get their information re. the butchery that is/was Operation Protective Edge straight from the IDF’s infomercials, we wouldn’t be having this problem, eh Douglas?


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