Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"It's pc gone mad, innit!" Clarkson's Idiots are out in full

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Clive Hill you are absolutely correct. Grow "a set" BBC. Send Mr. Clarkson to Monaco for a "time out", and tell the producer not to piss him off anymore.

 The BBC can afford to lose some snot nosed Producer, they can't afford to lose the big mouth...f

Writes a lone dissenter:

Ed Day what a sad world we live in where a man who's openly racist anyway can't simply assault his colleague without his job being jeopardy.


First they try to shove an american knockoff in my face, then take away the real top gear. Would like to punch a few producers myself.


I realize the Jeremy is a big mouth, but quite honestly that sells this show. If he punched a producer, then WHY was that producer antagonizing their top talent?


Bbc get worse and worse. Too many pc idiots and anti English in there. I've stopped watching the biased anti English question time.


You can't stop Topgear because of some wussy producer for fcuks sake punch him back he's a grown man.


ok so Clarkson punched a producer in the face. why? how? what circumstances? no context whatsoever and it was reported to the company days upon days later if it was such a serious incident why not report it straight away? personally I think the producer in question is sick of his job but doesn't want to go through the whole I cant be bothered with notice and I want to be in the limelight like Clarkson so ill make up a story to get him sacked from the show!


Who hasn't punched someone they work with?
Is that all this is about? Big deal I'm sure this "producer" will live!
Why didn't he just punch him back instead of being a 10 year and running off to tell a teacher!


Love clarkson, if you don't like him don't watch, maybe jihad john is more your miserable thing


Wipe the sand from betwixt your vaginas, and get on with the show...


Yes he's not politically correct he has a right not to be , this country has lost the plot with its super high tolerance and extreme polical correctness and to be honest with you the producer must of been a dick because JC is a genuine guy ...

Etcetera, ad nauseam and seemingly without end. These then, are the people coming to "Jezza's" defence. Those charming people...

Or maybe, it's just a joke like on Top Gear:


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