Friday, May 08, 2015

Mohammed Cartoons Scenario – Spot the Paradox

Following Garland (TX), Geller and her ilk will ‘exercise their right to free speech’ with another cartoon fest. More terrorists will die. Maybe some other people too.

X amount of time later, some other bunch of twits will do the same, possibly with Geller and Wilders in attendance. Maybe then some more terrorists will die, maybe some cartoonists too.

Not to be outdone, another group, this one maybe lead by Robert Spencer, will organise some more Mohammed ‘cartoons’. Some terrorists and some LEO get killed or maimed.

Maybe David Horowitz will want a slice of the action: more silly ‘principled’ cartoons, more humans maimed or buried.

Richard Dawkins decides to lend a hand too: despite tight security, terrorists manage to kill some attendants before perishing in a hail of lead.

Etcetera etcetera, ad infinitum.

Spot the paradox.
(What a victory for Liberal Democracy! Three Cheers! Hurray!)

Besides, what would become of this society if it didn't uphold the right of a citizen to piss on Jesus in the form of a sex doll and upload the video to the Utoobs, eh?


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