Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Google AdSense, Commission Junction and ClickBank

Many Webmasters supplement their site revenue or sponsor their site with programs like Google AdSense or Commission Junction. But unless your site is strictly informative, driving visitors to advertiser sites isn’t going to do much for your dollar bottom. You’re literally driving traffic to competitor sites, for a very small fee.

Instead I prefer to use ClickBank to supplement revenue. I’m sure you know ClickBank, but if you don’t here’s what it is in a nutshell. ClickBank is an imaginative combination of a third party merchant account and a marketplace. In the marketplace merchants can offer their wares, get paying customers and get paid (through the ClickBank payment gateway). Vendors (in ClickBank’s jargon) can find products to market and find out how much commission products will pay them. It’s all extremely easy to set up, signing up takes only minutes.

Perhaps the only drawback to using ClickBank was that up to now the marketplace (about 40,000 items) wasn’t easy to search. Vendors like myself use their own methods to find suitably relevant products to market.

But now this is a thing of the past, with a company called dotstartup having launched a fully searchable ClickBank Webmall. Intended as a integrated marketing solution for those serious about ClickBank marketing, this comes with a search box allowing any visitor to quickly find items related to the used search term.

The Web mall is also fully customisable (appearance, colour, fonts and more), is remote hosted (no hosting costs) and even allows to generate sales pages: create your own directory and show product pages from your site, without driving prospect off your own site.

It even has an Amazon plug-in (use is optional): simply insert your Amazon Associate ID and you’re done, it’s that simple.

All this for an amazing… $24.95 one-off fee. No kidding!


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