Monday, April 25, 2005

All rooms have ensuite restaurants...

Once in a while you come across something funny on the Net and when you’ve caused it yourself, it’s even funnier.

I quote from a link building confirmation email, received after what must have been a reaaally long day!


Your link has been added to our site.

Link details:URL: ********

Title: The George Hotel, Whitby, North Yorkshire

Description: The George Hotel, comprises a Hotel and B&B, as well as Public Bar (Rosy O'Grady's) and Italian Restaurant (Georgio's). All rooms have ensuite restaurants [sic]. Online bookings take [sic]. Locate [sic] opposite the railway station.

Category:Europe > London & UK

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Alex Van*******

Rooms with en suite restaurants: it’s a USP alright! But what about the bathrooms?

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