Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Paper Pushers against Terrorism…

Whitehall’s secret weapon against fundamentalist Islamic terrorism has been revealed: more pointless legislation. Give a 50k per annum paper pusher a problem and, presto! They come up with... lavatory paper, in an effort to be seen “doing something”. Ironically, these people really don't give a shit...

The good general public is also mightily reassured that something has at last been done: these bills will come in very handy to slap the terrorists around the ears with, or possibly torture them by tickling their feet.

Or are they merely expecting to bore these guys to death?

Luckily Mr Armando Iannucci has got all of Mr Clarke’s bases covered.
His anti anti-terrorism bill bill should cover most angles but Mr Iannucci has far more arrows on his bow.

Meanwhile in the war room, more bills are being forged… Scribble, scribble...



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