Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Stupid, stupid Cindy Sheehan?

While here in Europe Cindy Sheehan is understandably far less well known than in the US, news of her plight and campaign have of course also reached us. In my case in particular via the blogosphere, that modern day jungle drum capable of reaching the furthest corners of the Globe so quickly.

My first overwhelming consternation was caused by the amount of vitriolic "commentary" Sheehan received from the most unlikely quarter: other moms and pops that've lost sons and daughters in Iraq. Out there in America there are those who, completely clueless as to why the Slit Eyed Chimp in the White House went to war in Iraq, now feel proud to have the mangled remains of their offspring returned to them in a star-spangled box. In the name of Honour... Valour... Freedom... These people cannot accept that the horrific sacrifice they and their kid(s) have made (or are about to make) was made completely for the wrong reasons, but, understandably, they try to make sense of it all by means of ill-advised justifications provided by their devious Dear Leader.

And so, even I, for a brief moment thought that this woman, dubbed "Al Sindi" by some of her more arduous detractors, might indeed have lost the plot herself.

But it ain't so.
In a recent interview with Joshua Frank, Sheehan doesn't utter a single syllable which could somehow rankle with me.

Just one quote:

JF: Many war supporters have furiously denied any link between our foreign policy and the risk soldiers are at in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tony Blair has denied any link between foreign policy and the summer bombings over in London. What do you see?

CS: I think that US foreign policy is totally responsible for 9/11, as well as the recent bombings in London. Our policies of killing innocent Iraqis; Afghanis; supporting the occupation of Palestine; our permanent bases in Saudi Arabia; our presence in Lebanon; our support of the Shah; supporting Saddam and giving him the WMDs used on his own people. I think this sort of behavior drives hatred toward the US. This is just all my opinion, of course. I am not a politician or a military strategist. I am just a citizen voicing my opinions.

Hell, she's even honest and decent enough to state that that's just her opinion... Just like it's only mine too...

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At 6:44 PM, Blogger Boston Mike said...

I think there are some interesting parallels between how the media is using Cindy Sheehan and how they are using Beth Halloway Twitty - the other popular grieving mother. I disagree with some of the things you wrote, but it is interesting to see how a political cause can take people's very personal and emotional life events and turn them into large-scale media circus events.

At 2:26 PM, Blogger Gert said...

Well, I'm not naive enough to believe CS wasn't seeking the limelight, she trying to further a cause after all. I'd like more readers to my cyber rag too.

The point I was trying to make is that apart a few gaffes like her comments about Katrina and the "occupation of NOL", I find little in her speeches or writings that I can't agree with. And anyone's entitled to agree or disagree but to me the degree of vitriolic hate-posts she's receiving remains a constant source of wonder. Here's one of the less tasty examples of... well, basically "Burn the witch Cindy".

At 9:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh, I disagree strongly with some things that have been said. I felt a lot of compassion for her losing Casey. I felt even more compassion when I found out last week that she has lost another son, named Tyler; he drowned trying to save people in New Orleans in late Sept. 2005 - Hurricane Katrina. I can't let my empathy for her overrule logical thought. I am by no means a Bush lover! I voted against him in 2000, and for him last year. I am a Democrat. Cindy calls these terrorist roaches "Freedom Fighters." I just can't get over that. These low life maggots that pack bombs with the sole intention of taking out innocent men, women, and children! Any living being that could shoot or blow up a child, and then booby trap the body to create maximum carnage when family members or emergency responders come to collect the body... no sir, how is that fighting for freedom? Killing fellow Muslims, how can you reconcile that? Leaving IEDs behind in London, Madrid, Bali... how does one reconcile that? Do they really think that by doing such things that the families of the individuals killed will now suddenly listen to their pathetic points of view. No, I believe it has the exact opposite effect. It only makes me want to kill even more of them, and find ways to do it even faster and more efficiently.
Any extremist that is willing to do those things must be given a dirt bath. We will never kill them all, even after Nuclear War roaches are expected to survive. However, I look at it as a maintenance pest control spraying. As far as I am concerned, Uncle Sam has my permission to use my tax dollars to help fund an air lift for Mrs. Sheehan to her favorite "Freedom Fighter" country of her choice. That old broad with a flower pot for a hat can try camping outside of al-Zarqawi's cave and holding a vigil. I am positive he could break her off a little time to meet with her! Get a grip, CINDY.
-Your Average Joe American

At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


ABout Cindy's other son TYLER... I just tracked that one down. It is a fake story. I will include the link below.

At 2:45 PM, Blogger Gert said...

The Onion story show that putting out spoofs that are too convincing is actually quite counter-productive because it's where a "prank" meets "malicious manipulation of news", something we should leave to our Dear Leaders, they're the true experts. I've read many a funny story in The Onion but that wasn't one of them.

As regards your ideas of fighting for freedom, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are certainly not my idea of that concept either. We have been lied to, to justify carnages that have not achieved anything, except make the world a more dangerous world. Has 9/11 been vindicated by all this? Has OBL been caught? We knew before the start of the war al-Qaeda had no business in Iraq, although they seem to have one now...


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