Sunday, November 19, 2006

Melanie Phillips on morally bankrupt Europe

From The Daily Hate Mail writer and climate change denier Melanie Phillips, comes this little gem:
The euro drops

Great piece on
The American Thinker about Europe’s loss of moral seriousness:
We have protected Europe for a century with our blood and treasure. Under our protection they have constructed a Disneyland for adults, one that is utterly unable to defend itself. Instead, they have imported tens of millions of ideologues who want nothing more than to take over Europe. Yet Europe is obnoxiously ready to preach morality to the decent nations of the world who are not as deluded as they are. True to their endless imperialistic arrogance, they are now exporting yet another world-conquering ideology, a fuzzier version of communism, aiming to actively hog-tie the United States through a hundred international treaties.

The US government is now beginning to think seriously about recalibrating its relationship with Britain and Europe. Anyone in these morally bankrupt countries who thinks this is good news for them needs his head examined.

Words fail me, really. Anyway, it's official, Europe is morally bankrupt...

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At 5:50 PM, Blogger Richard said...

Ha! Words fail me too, Gert. And you know how unusual that is.

The nonesense & hypocrisy starts in the style so typical of it's type.

"WE" gave blood, treasure, etc. Invariably, whenever anyone uses "WE" in this context it means 'someone else' did whatever it is they're talking about. Because, invariably again, when someone has actually done something personally, they say so loud & clear.

Bathers in reflected glories (be they imagined glories or not), are in my book pretty close to being the lowest of the low. In other words - self deluded losers - and in the main, cowardly ones at that.

"WE" indeed. Ha!

At 5:54 PM, Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Firstly, I don't quite agree with overall your premise of Melanie Phillips Gert although you are making me think about that, I always thought on the whole she's a good writer. I accept her writing on Israel, Iraq and Islam is extremely lopsided and pathological but on most other points, unless there is some particular reason to think otherwise which I'm now wondering, I thought she was a very good intelligent writer.

I would say it is right to scrutinise the hell out of climate change, especially when we see international bankers handing Gordon Brown reports about it. Give me a break!

However as for the article on American Thinker endorsed by Phillips, well this is very interesting, unless I misunderstand it, I think most of it is basically drivel I'm sorry to say. That is apart from the last four or five paragraphs and a few other things interjected.

Saddam's trial has been a joke from start to finish, killing him off and selling that as some sort of 'justice' is just a bit of a sick joke and not going to solve anything, it's nothing more than a head on a platter for the vile neocons and such.

Why I find this article so confusing is that it's then going on to talk about problems with Europe that I would very much agree with, the EU as some sort of dictatorship meeting house for giggling genocidal socialists trying impose a one-world tyranny over nations. Yes I agree with that, and that needs to stop, but the article in my view is just using that as fear-mongering to make it's point when it's sadly true and a topic in its own right.

And what that has got to do with Saddam I'm really not too sure.

In my opinion it's a very confused article, but then maybe I've misunderstood something here.

Anyway hope you are well Gert and Richard, I've been very busy lately and haven't been able to do much blogging of my own lately.


At 12:11 AM, Blogger Richard said...

So glad to hear it's not been anything more than that, Jultra. I was beging to wonder whether or not you were ill.

At 7:06 PM, Anonymous jultra said...

cheers Richard, yeah another blog wrote to me to ask if I been renditioned of somewhere and presumbably tortured by Blair/Cheney/Neocons/etc.

Will be back to normal in a couple of weeks and I just got very wrapped up in some stuff.

Anyway keep up the great work Gert and Richard!



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