Friday, February 02, 2007 raided...

The dissenting (I think I can safely say "dissident") Israeli blog, run by Alex Stein and Seth Freedman has been temporarily "de-activated" by a raid on their HQ. The raid resulted in the disappearing of computers, cash and sensitive documents. Plain and simply robbery or something more sinister? Politically motivated? Alex stoically wrote: "time will tell", but I wouldn't hold my breath. To be continued, I guess...

Whatever happened, some political opponents, Jews and non-Jews alike, will undoubtedly be pleased with this "interruption", possibly attempted termination. Alex and Seth's blog has recently gained much in terms of international standing, thanks to their regular contributions to The Guardian's Comment is Free blog, as well as to
Engage's challenge to contemporary anti-Semitism. At The Guardian, both face stiff and often very irate opposition...

Update: more on the circumstances surrounding the raid here.


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