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God Hates America say Phelps Family

Watching Louis Theroux's BBC documentary on the Phelps family and their Westboro Baptist Church last night, gave another great insight into what indoctrination actually means.

Here's the trailer of the documentary

At first glance you get the impression that these "worshippers", mostly from one family and the offspring of "Gramps" Phelps, are simply nutcases and proverbially speaking at least this is of course true. But there is method in their madness, no matter how sickening their placards and pickets actually are.

And indeed it needs to be emphasised how disgusting the "message" of these people just is. In their latest attempt to save America (elsewhere they claim to have given up on that ideal all the same), they've now resorted to picketing the funerals of US service men and women who've lost their lives in Iraq. Rationale? The war in Iraq is God's answer to America for allowing homosexuality. In their own words:

You might think you can pass laws that stop us from preaching at the funerals of your Godless brats, but it isn't going to happen. The Messengers of God do not stop preaching the truth just because you pass laws. Here's a little secret. Kansas has had a funeral picketing law for years, and we still picket funerals in Kansas!!! Dying time is truth time! DEAL WITH IT!!!

Number of Americans who have entered hell as result of this bloody takeover of Babylon:


WBC Prays for it to be 3,169,000!!!

Source: their website

They're ever so slightly hung-up over "faggot America". And this is kind of what illustrates the power of indoctrination and how to start your own cult. At heart, as Louis Theroux noted, and no matter how paradoxical this might sound, these people aren't even really bad. Their community thrives on conformity, closedness and perhaps above all, being hated by just about everybody else. It's that hatred that not only makes them united but also, equally importantly, seems to prove to them that they are actually right. After all, they and they alone, tell it 'like it is' and feel they get hated for it, this hatred is therefore the proof that they and God are right.

Homosexuality is of course anathema in all three monotheisms and that prohibition is perhaps what drives most of the world's homophobia more than any other factor. And 'God hates fags' is WBC's most prominent theme, I guess Pastor Phelps believes in keeping it simple by concentrating on this particular "sin of the flesh" and thereby focusing the attention of his flock on a clear and well defined enemy.

As a result, Westboro Baptists Church worshippers (well, the Phelps family) believe hell to be a very, very crowded place and heaven to be reserved almost exclusively for them:

From their site:

Gerald Ford's long personal nightmare has just begun. Even now, "hell from beneath is moved to meet" him, and it "hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations" (Is. 14:9). All the past chief rulers of the earth rose up to mock him and curse him the moment he split hell wide open, and they will continue to do so for all eternity. He ignored God's Word, and did his part to set this nation on a downward spiral toward open rebellion against God and the promotion of the Sodomite agenda. He was given up to these vile affections and will suffer eternal torment for it (Romans 1). Read the evidence against him being in heaven here.

The Amish children from Pennsylvania are even now in hell. Stop spreading the lie that they were innocent. They were just as degenerate and deserving of hell as the pervert who killed them. You get what you deserve, America! You raised these murderous beasts and perverted their minds, and now you act surprised? As long as you people try to stop us, you will be punished, just as Pharaoh was punished when he would not let God's people go (Ex. 12:30). Gov. Ed Rendell brought this down on you, get mad at him, not us!

Coretta Scott King is in hell with her husband, and no amount of caterwauling or glorifying her whoredoms will change that fact. She kicked the righteous blacks off the Freedom Train to make room for her feces eating fag friends [...]

Your precious West Virginia coal miners are in hell, America! You wailed and cried crocodile tears to God while you thought there was some hope they would be recovered, and as soon as they were all dead, you said what you really thought -- there is no God! Guess what? GOD KILLED THE COAL MINERS!!! [...].

Pope John Paul II, the Great Pedophile Pope, is in hell. No burning candles, no indulgences, and no prayers to Mary will change that. [...]

Gramps Phelps latest picketing strategy is simply a device to up the ante: WBC is now more hated in America than ever before and hence they must be even more "righteous" and social cohesion within the group has just been cranked up a few notches.

Something all religious nutcase fringe groups have in common is an "end of days" obsession: Jim Kool-Aid Jones, David Koresh and many others shared it with WBC. It must be impossible to toil under such extremist whackjob belief systems without being convinced that the rewards will come soon...

This is an older bit of footage of the group:


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