Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Yo, Ehud!

A day in the near future. Ehud Olmert calls President George W. Bush.

Olmert: Hi George!

Bush: Yo, Ehud! Howzitgoin'?

Olmert: I'm calling about Operation Is Our Children Learning...

Bush: Well, is they? (Cackles with laughter)

Olmert: Very funny... We're ready for the ceasefire now.

Bush: (panicky) Ceasefire? I'm not supposed to authorise any ceasefires said Dicky...

Olmert: No, I know but I mean we're ready now...

Bush: I thought your boys needed some more time to eat their Houmous?

Olmert: (slightly confused) Houmous? Did you mean Hamas?

Bush: Hamas?? Oh, yeah. Gaza... Egypt, right?

Olmert: (sigh) Sort of. Anyway, we're ready for the ceasefire. Can you tell your people?

Bush: For you anything Ehud, you know that. Blair OK with this?

Olmert: Kosher.

Bush: OK, give my love to Tipsy!

Olmert: You mean Tzipi Livni? Sure...

Bush: And regards to Hussein...

Olmert: Hussein?

Bush: Yeah, the short, stocky guy with glasses. Barack something...

Olmert: Ehud Barak.

Bush: Got it. These Muzzies have confusing names.

And so, on a fine winter's day in January 2009, another lovely little war endeth when Israel was ready and thus Bush consenteth...


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