Wednesday, June 24, 2009

UK: lift the control order on Mahmoud Abu Rideh immediately

Last night on Press TV's 'Remember the Children of Palestine', the excellent Lauren Booth (sister-in-law of Tony Blair, of all people) dedicated the first part of the segment to the plight of Mahmoud Abu Rideh, a plight that's been taken up by Amnesty International UK.

Amnesty International - take direct action:

Lawyers for Mahmoud Abu Rideh, a Palestinian refugee who is subject to an indefinite 'control order' imposed by the UK authorities, have told Amnesty that there is a real risk he will commit suicide if the control order is not lifted or if he is not provided with travel documentation to leave the UK.

His mental and physical health have been severely damaged by years of persecution at the hands of the UK authorities and he is often unable to move without using a wheelchair.

Mahmoud Abu Rideh has been charged with several alleged breaches of his control order, but with no substantive terrorism-related offences.

He has not been able to see or challenge much of the material on which the government alleges that he is, or has been, involved in terrorism-related activity. He remains on bail, as his prosecution for any alleged breaches of the control order relies on a forthcoming decision on legal issues around the control order regime itself.

Sara MacNeice, Amnesty's Campaign Manager for Terrorism, Security and Human Rights, spent some time talking to Mahmoud Abu Rideh. Listen to a full interview here

Find out more and sign a letter or email to the Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP - Home Secretary, Secretary of State for the Home Department


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