Monday, May 17, 2010

Solidarity ships set to reach Gaza


A new aid convoy is scheduled to be sent to the besieged Gaza strip by sea under the slogan of "Freedom is the Last Port."

The decision was made in meeting held by Turks, Arab and international activists in Istanbul on Friday.

According to the head of the Turkish Relief Foundation (IHH) Bulent Yildrim, a convoy consisting of 20 vessels will leave Turkey next month.

Yildrim further pointed out that the vessels will not stop till they reach Gaza.

And here:

The Rachel Corrie, a solidarity ship, sets sail from Ireland to deliver humanitarian supplies to the Gaza Strip which is struggling with a three-year Israeli-imposed blockade.

The 1,200-ton cargo ship -- part of an eight-vessel flotilla dubbed the "Freedom Flotilla" -- is also taking peace activists from nearly 40 countries, and will be joined by ships from Turkey and Greece.

The ship, which departed from Ireland on Saturday, will bring aid materials such as cement, paper, medical equipment, school supplies and several other materials to the Gazans.

An Israeli blockade, in place since June 2007, prevents even the most essential supplies from entering the Gaza Strip.

Israel says it will not allow solidarity ships to reach the Gaza coast. Media reports indicate that the Israeli Navy was ordered to prevent the humanitarian ships from reaching Gaza, even if this means using military force against the civilian ships and activists.


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