Monday, February 28, 2011

Islamic Awakening?

Every single item on Press TV concerning the fledgling Arab renaissance (and there are many, with regular programming thoroughly disrupted since Egypt) is preceded by a screen declaring ‘Islamic Awakening’. We get a lot of Press TV commentators (increasingly regime sock puppets) trying frantically to put an Islamic spin on the proceedings in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Jordan and Bahrain, while it’s plain to see for all that an Islamic or Islamist factor is almost completely absent in these uprisings/demonstrations.

The Mullahs too are trembling: change is in the air also in the non-Arab part of the Muslim world. But the theocratic regime will defend itself for dear life: it has a stronger grip on Iranian society than we might think, in part because it seems to enjoy genuine popularity among considerable parts of the population. Expect hard-won ‘reforms’ to come about relatively soon nonetheless…


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