Monday, March 28, 2005

ARELIS Reciprocal Linking Software

ARELIS stands for Axandra Reciprocal Linking Software. It’s an award winning software package designed to lighten the burden of running ongoing link campaigns.

There comes a time in the life of any Webmaster when (s)he realises how much time (s)he spends on managing link pages, inviting partners, monitoring back links, reacting to incoming requests etc, etc. For many of us, these chores are part of daily life and as with all chores we seek ways to reduce time spent on them.

ARELIS is one of the few award winning software packages that can semi-automate the entire process of reciprocal linking, saving the user much time and aggravation.

Here’s what it does and allows you to do:
  1. Create link page templates that blend in seamlessly with your other pages

  2. Choose a directory structure from a large selection: organise your links as you see fit

  3. Use a spider to automatically find suitable partners by keyphrase(s) and Search Engine

  4. Use a spider to find sites that link to your competitors

  5. The spider returns all info needed and adds it to your database: URL, title and description, contact information (name and email address)

  6. Edit partner profiles, if needed

  7. Choose fully editable, email templates from a large selection, or import your own

  8. Use these personalised email templates to request links, thank new partners, remind pending partners etc, using built-in email application.

  9. Update link pages after new partners have been added or deleted

  10. Automatically check partners' reciprocation by spidering their links pages

  11. Auto-upload (optional) modified pages to your server

  12. Do all the above for one or unlimited domains (depending on version)

It also comes with:

  1. Unlimited, free access to the latest version (update any time)

  2. Extensive and excellent help section

  3. Email support (it works!)

  4. Optional, free affiliate program: earn your investment back by referring

I’ve been using ARELIS for years on two of my domains with great success. This is an easy to set-up and use application which really does save you a ton of time.

Get the evaluation version here. It’s fully featured with no time limit. The only restrictions are 1 domain only and max. 100 links. Purchase the unlock key through the evaluation version to unlock the full power of the package.


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