Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bob Geldof and eBay

Bob Geldof and eBay aren’t the best of friends right now (via a BBC newsfeed).

Saint Bob, patron saint of third world poverty, [don’t get the wrong end of the stick, I support the debt cancellation initiative fully] has declared his disgust for the fact that some people are reselling their live 8 tickets on eBay.

eBay’s first laconic response was “that reselling charity tickets isn’t illegal in the UK”.

Geldof then suggested that ebay buyers would place bids of “£300 million” on the tickets and then refuse to pay (thereby generating God knows how many eBay buyers with very, very bad buyer feedback). Clearly Sir Bob isn’t much of an eBay buyer himself.

But eBay have now “listened to their customers” and decided to withdraw the vilified live 8 ticket auctions. So all is well again in auction land…

And the tickets? They'll be "auctioned" on the streets and at the concert gates, as per normal.

"A storm in a teacup" springs to mind...

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