Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Internet marketing Guru Corey Rudl dies at 34

A car crash ended the life of Corey Rudl, one of the few Internet marketers that became a truly self-made millionaire, alongside a few other big cheeses like Mark Joyner and Shawn Casey (Mining Gold).

So what were the secrets to Corey Rudl’s success? Apart from hard work, gritty determination and a general intuition to be in the right place at the right time, I believe the following ingredients contributed strongly to his success in creating a small fortune from a PC and Internet connection.

Firstly, Corey was a master copywriter. He used killer mini sites superbly to pull every conceivable rabbit out of his sales hat. In particular, Rudl concentrated on the old idea of working less for more money. “2 hours per week for $100,000/month” sounds as unbelievable as it is impossible but Corey really managed to convert even the most sceptical of prospects.
His own copy tells the story better than I can. He tapped into the elusive American Dream like no other “epreneur”.

Secondly, Corey exploited the concept of a “revenue pipeline” cleverly and mercilessly. His products always promoted his other money making sites, thus generating back end sales. And as he marketed his stuff to mainly other marketers, eventually getting together a small army of affiliates (someone quotes 11,000) contributed perhaps even more.

Thirdly, Corey Rudl was a shrewd brander of his own image of a playboy lifestyle work-at-home-guy, the type YOU just would LOVE to be. Corey always managed to convince you that it was just him and his computer against the world, while when he died his empire employed more than a hundred people! And if he could do it, so could you…

Did I like the guy? Well, I didn’t know him but had to admire him for pulling it off, big style. Truly one of the very, very few independent Internet marketers that successfully chased the six figure dream.

What about Corey’s products? I’ll let this independent review do the talking.

He lived life to the full and will be remembered fondly.

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