Sunday, March 18, 2007

Coincidence or Divine Providence?

Following my post on religious homophobia and ensuing debates here and here, someone has shoved a Christian cartoon booklet and survey response card through my letter box (I'm not implying these events are in any way linked).

The booklet titled "WHAT IS YOUR LIFE" is about 2" high by 4" wide and 24 pagelets long and uses rather badly drawn cartoons to tell the story of a sinner and his road to redemption. At first glance, I'd have guessed this was the handiwork of the Jehovah's but the story doesn't entirely fit their particular brand of resurrection and "Paradise on Earth". And the response card says unambiguously "We are not Mormons or Jehovah's Witness's [sic]". They don't really say what Christian fringe group they are but the last page of the booklet does urge me to "Find a church where the King James Bible is taught as the complete Word of God and is the final authority". The
King James version of the Bible is the English translation of the Bible and these guys are thus most likely Protestants of one stripe or another. The response survey card's return address is a Spokane, WA P.O. Box but a UK mobile phone number is also supplied.

In this one-horse-town, with a failing infrastructure, an aging population and hardly any industry left besides a bit of crumbling seaside tourism, there is nonetheless no shortage of churches, old or new. A brand new Church of Christ has just been completed around the corner from where I live and I expect this latest attempt to win my soul originates from there. Not
divine providence after all...


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