Saturday, May 12, 2007

Archaeological debunking of the Old Testament...

The Bible Unearthed...

New archaeological evidence, mainly found in modern day Israel, is providing ample evidence that the Biblical story may have almost no verifiable basis whatsoever. The historicity of figures like Abraham and Moses was always seriously in doubt but the new evidence puts things even more in the balance. Needless to say, this new research is sparking another heated controversy and much of the evidence unearthed by these scientists will be dismissed by the believers as atheist agitprop. Thank the Laawd that the blasphemy laws have been repealed or are no longer enforced in most Western countries or we might all be in for a good spanking or worse besides that.

But the research isn't atheist agitprop in any way, shape or form. Rather it attempts, quite successfully in my opinion, to separate religious tradition and thinking contained in the Bible from actual historical fact. Many, in particular Biblical literalists, will nonetheless see it at an attempt at undermining their faith. But that the Biblical story is largely a narrative that's only based on historical events (many irrecoverably lost in the sands of time) in the loosest sense of the term, is something only the most fanatical believer will deny.

A documentary, aptly titled "The Bible Unearthed", has now been made about this effort aimed at finding the historical truth regarding the Old Testament. It's first 10 minute YouTube instalment can be viewed here:

The other parts can be found here.

It's a must see for believers and non-believers alike. Comments are welcome.


At 7:10 AM, Blogger Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

"It's a must see for believers and non-believers alike. Comments are welcome."

I read this sentence and thought: wow, I should watch this. And really, Gert, you present a wonderful, thought-provoking video here that both the secular and the religious should see. I, too, highly recommend this one to anyone interested in the Bible/Tanach.


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