Sunday, September 23, 2007

Calling all BlogRush referrers: BlogRush promo video!

Many thanks to those bloggers who joined BlogRush through my referral link. I know some of you have made referrals yourselves, as I already have quite a few second generation and even third generation referrals.

And now there's more good news: one of BlogRush's most important promotional tools, the video presentation, is now available as an embeddable stand-alone on YouTube:

You can use this powerful video in blog posts promoting BlogRush, in ads, or in combination with any other promotional method you want to use to boost your referrals. Not joined BlogRush yet? Then watch the video or read the ad below:

Get targeted traffic to your blog! Want more returning readers? Blogrush is 100% FREE, totally hands-free and automatically finds readers that are interested in your blog's content. See your blog traffic explode... No spam or abuse, no ads to run on your blog, just targeted traffic rushing to your blog. Less than 5 minutes to sign up (click). Or click logo to view a short presentation to see how it works. Why wait?


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