Saturday, September 01, 2007

Subie Sister(s) may be in trouble...

Remember the Patriot Dames (, a sister act with special emphasis anti-Semitic and other racist nonsense? Apparently they're also known as the Subie Sisters and one of them (Susan L. Purtee) is a law enforcement officer in Columbus city (Ohio):

The Columbus Dispatch:
Disparaging remarks about blacks, Cubans and Jews are found on amateur online videos co-produced by an off-duty Columbus police officer.

The videos were created and distributed on the Internet by Officer Susan L. Purtee, 60, and her sister, Barbara Gordon-Bell, 52, who call themselves "The Patriot Dames" and the "Subie Sisters."

Together on the videos, they blame Jews, blacks, illegal immigrants and Cubans for a variety of the nation's ills.


Asked if she saw anything wrong with a police officer's role in making such comments, Gordon-Bell called the opinions "reality."

"And reality and racism and bigotry run awful close together."

But the videos have the attention of attorneys for the city's Police Division.

"The legal team is reviewing the YouTube videos to see if there is any misconduct within our directives," Police Division spokeswoman Amanda Ford said last night.

Purtee is a 15-year veteran who patrols day shift on the city's Far East Side.

In a video called "Jews" that is on the sisters' Web site and that has made its way to YouTube, they say that after the 1960s, Jews monopolized the entertainment industry.

Actually they say a lot more besides that.

Not sure whether these two need prosecution or a lobotomy but of course 1st amendment rights apply also to cops.

It's worrying though that someone like Purtee has the power to arrest and carries a handgun on duty. Can a Jewish, black or Hispanic suspect really expect to be treated without bias by a police officer who so clearly has absurdly biased opinions regarding these ethnic groups?

Alert by Bacon Eating Atheist Jew.


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