Thursday, April 30, 2009

Zionutzi racism at its worst

This week's prize for the vilest abuse of the term anti-Semitism, as well as display of anti-Palestinian sentiment, must go to Hagai Segal in a unparalleled piece of open, mainstream racism, titled 'Why should they get a state?' Warning: contains also a good dollop of ahistorical nonsense.

I'll be damned if I reprint this whole piece of filth, so I'll select-quote (some emph. added). The sub heading:

Modern Palestinian demand for state stems from anti-Semitic desire to harass Jews

Slightly further down:

Yeshayahu Leibowitz once ruled that even a kitchen table is allowed to present itself as a people, and the Palestinians jumped on the bandwagon of this simplistic criterion.

The title of the latter part of the essay:
Anti-Semitic trick

The explication:
But in fact, it’s not so odd. The demand for the establishment of a Palestinian state, speaking of the recent Durban II conference, is another type of anti-Semitic trick against us.

The Palestinians claim to have lived here for many generations, yet they remembered to present their desire for self-determination only when we returned here from the Diaspora. They didn’t speak about two states for two peoples when the Jordanians ruled Judea and Samaria and when the Egyptians took over Gaza. They also said nothing when Damascus referred to Palestine as southern Syria.

Finally, the kicker:
Their modern demand for independence stems from a desire to harass us. Should Obama suddenly proposes not to have any state here – neither ours nor theirs – they may be sympathetic to the idea. Try it and you’ll see.

I believe it was Gideon Levy who wrote (paraphrasing from memory): 'if what is being said today about Muslims would be said about Jews all hell would break loose'. And still this filth by a Racist Zionist makes it into the mainstream Zionist press...


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