Monday, April 27, 2009

Heed voices calling for justice for Palestinians

Huwaida Arraf:

When village residents gather weekly to protest, they use various creative methods of nonviolent resistance, including carrying mirrors up to the soldiers to show them "the face of occupation" or dressing as various politicians and wearing blindfolds to symbolize the world's blind eye to their struggle. The Israeli military meets them and their Israeli and international supporters with tear gas, grenades, and bullets.

Eyewitness accounts and a YouTube video of Bassem's killing attest to the fact that Bassem was not engaged in any kind of violent action when a soldier decided to fire a high-velocity tear gas canister — designed to be shot in the air or from a great distance — directly at his chest, fatally wounding him. In fact, just before he was shot, Bassem is heard calling to soldiers to stop shooting as a woman had been injured. Far too often, Israel tries to silence dissent by using disproportionate and sometimes lethal force against demonstrators.

Phil Weiss' response: When Americans [ask], Where is the Palestinian Gandhi, the best answer is: Wait, why put the onus on someone else; where is your own protest movement? If something is so unjust that it requires a Gandhi, then why are you tolerating your country's support for it.

Absolutely, Phil...


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