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Report on the Israeli Colonization Activities in the West Bank & the Gaza Strip

The ARIJ is an organisation hitherto unknown to me (hat tip to blogger Sophia - Les Politiques for bringing it to my attention). From the website:

The Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem

ARIJ represents 17 years of combined organizational experience in the Palestinian Territories in the fields of economic, social, management of natural resources, water management, sustainable agriculture and political dynamics of development in the area. ARIJ plays an active role in the local community as an advocate for greater cooperation among local institutions as well as international and non-governmental organizations.

Find below the first 3 pages only (Bethlehem only) of a 26 pages long *.pdf report titled:

Report on the Israeli Colonization Activities in the West Bank & the Gaza Strip

Volume 127, February 2009 Issue


* The Israeli Occupation Forces stormed the Supermarket of Daoud Al Muhseri from Ad Duheisha refugee camp in Bethlehem city and searched it thoroughly. Wafa (February 3, 2009).

* A large number of Israeli Occupation soldiers have shut down all three routes into the village of Tequa, southeast of Bethlehem, declaring it a ‘closed military zone. ’Residents have been prevented from moving in or out. No reason has been given for the closure. Maannews (February 8, 2009).

* Israeli settlers from the Beitar Illit Settlement built on the land of several western Bethlehem towns opened fire on Husan Village Monday. Settlers entered the town and began firing at houses and along the streets. PNN (February 10, 2009).

* Israeli troops raided Bet Ta’mar village and stormed the house of Dannoun Family. The IO troops also confiscated his computer and mobile phone. Maannews (February 12, 2009).

* Dozens of settlers stormed the land adjacent to the settlement of Efrat built on lands of Al Khader village west of Bethlehem city and set up two mobile ʹKravanʹ, in an attempt to take over the lands. Wafa (February 9, 2009).

* Israeli settlers placed three mobile caravans in ʹEin Al Qasees area (located between the settlements of El‘azar and Neve Daniel). There are currently 15 total caravans in the area. The owner of the land, who is from Al Khader village, reports that he has a court decision proving ownership of the land and ordering that the caravans be removed. OCHAOPT (February 10, 2009).

* More than 300 people ascended to the Eitam hill (Givʹat Haʹeytim) north of Efrat settlement to celebrate Tu Bishvat (is a minor Jewish holiday in late January or early February, that marks the ʺNew Year of the Treesʺ) and tried to take over Khallet An Nahla and Khalet Al Zaʹroor in Artas and Al Khader Villages west and southwest of Bethlehem city and annex them to Efrat Settlement. Settlers came to the sites and set up their tents guarded by Israeli Border Police. The targeted land is estimated at 160 dunums. PNN (February 14, 2009).

* The Israeli Civil Administration declared 1770 dunums of Palestinian lands located north of Efrat settlement in Bethlehem Governorate as ʺState landsʺ after rejecting eight appeals by Palestinians against the move. The ICA decision paves the way for the West Bank settlement outpost (Givʹat Haʹeytim hill) to start the process of seeking government approval to build there. Some 2,500 housing units are expected to be built in the area. Haaretz (February 16, 2009).

* Israeli forces prevented Dozens of Palestinians and some 50 foreign volunteers from throughout the world to help farmers grow olive trees in the face of Israeli occupation at the site known as ʺthe Creek.ʺ which the Israelis razed for a military checkpoint in Jabʹa Village in western Bethlehem Governorate. Israeli soldiers declared the western Bethlehem area a ʺclosed military zoneʺ and forced Jabʹa farmers, members of the nonviolent resistance, and dozens of foreigners to leave. Maannews (February 17, 2009).

* The Israeli Civil Administration served citizens of Al Jabʹa village southwest of Bethlehem city two military orders. The first order holds number 11/09 and states to “evacuate” or clear‐cut the 300 newly planted Olive trees in the land owned by Citizen Khaled Mashaʹlah. The second order ʺIsrael Military Order No. 378. Order Concerning Security Provisions, declares 940 dunums of lands of Al Jabʹa village as closed military area. Maannews (February 18, 2009).

* Israeli police and soldiers uprooted 170 newly planted olive trees from privately owned Palestinian land in the West Bank village of Al‐Jab’a, southwest of Bethlehem. Israeli personnel uprooted each of the young trees individually, along with plastic protective tubes and wooden stakes. A crew of American and European volunteers had planted the trees last Sunday with a program organized by the Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI) of the YMCA of Palestine. A farmer named Abu Firas, who has documents dating to the Ottoman era proving ownership of the land, owns the land. Maannews (February 19, 2009).

* The Israeli Occupation forces staged into Um Rukba neighborhood in Al Khader village, stormed the house of Kahlil Marzouq Salah, took over it, and transformed in into a military post. Al Quds (February 22, 2009).

* Israeli Occupation Troops staged into Um Rukba neighborhood in Al Khader village, stormed a number of Palestinian houses, and messed with the contents. Among owners, the following were known: Mahoud Al Wahsh and Abdullah Sbeih. Wafa (February 24, 2009).

* Israeli Occupation troops staged into Al ʹAsakrah village in Berthlehem Governorate and stormed the house of Sami Muhammad ʹIweda. Wafa (February 25, 2009).


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