Monday, July 13, 2009

Frank Luntz: Words that Hasbarah...

The final Hasbarah push may have just been started by The Israel Project. It recently hired Frank Luntz to put together an ultimate guide on winning over people in support for Israel.

Frank Luntz, remember, is the conservative American political opinion pollster, general windbag, approval/disapproval dials nut and author of the best-selling 'Words That Work: It's not What You Say, It's What People Hear' guide. Thus, the master of snake oil merchandising, the guy who could teach you how to sell ice to Eskimos, has been seconded by the US Israel Lobby, to try and sell Zionism's increasingly stale wares.

Luntz, it has to be said, is no fool and knows his stuff. He's right in saying that some ways of putting things are far more convincing than others and that truthfulness and veracity of what one says only has a peripheral impact on whether one's words will actually register or whether one will actually be believed. And it's with those considerations in mind that Luntz created The Israel Project 2009 Global Language Dictionary.

Although inadvertently funny in parts, in terms of comedy, Luntz's booklet is no match for Gabriel Ashe's guide on how to make the case for Israel: We Rock! They Suck! You Suck! Everything Sucks!

In parts Luntz sounds like he's talking to simpletons and about simpletons. Chapter 17: Talking to the American Left for instance is a tale of mainstream wholesome Joe Sixpack conservative Meircans who know their Right from their Wrong and resolutely choose the side of democracy, pitted against touchy-feely Leftist wimps who let it all hang out...

I never had Frank Luntz down as a Zionist. Perhaps he isn't. Perhaps he's just willing to sell his own Granny for another fistful of dollars...


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