Friday, July 03, 2009

No Crayons for the Kids of Gaza...

The 'arrest' of the Free Gaza! Spirit of Humanity ship loaded with humanitarian aid and destined for Gaza is really another case of Israel snatching a PR defeat from the jaws of victory. The boys in blue from the Israeli Navy could have quietly (or not so quietly) escorted the ship to port, carried out a cursory check of its contents, made some brouhaha about allowing this drop on a hot plate of aid through to the besieged in Gaza and enjoyed a nice photo op. Bugger the 'legal niceties' for once. But it being another quiet day on the Gazan high seas, they chose to do the opposite and waded in as the 'most moral bullies' for which the AOF is now famed. Conscription really does have its drawbacks...

On the other hand, just imagine the damage a determined Palestinian toddler could do with a really sharp crayon!

Below's a recording of Cynthia McKinney making a phone call to a US radio station... from an Israeli prison:

H/T Mondoweiss.


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