Sunday, March 07, 2010

Geert Wilders and Israel: a Love Affair

That Wilders wants to ban Muslim immigration (and the Qu'ran) to Holland (and the rest of Europe) should come as no real surprise. I happen to speak Dutch and have often quoted this (and very similar) sources:

It says among other related things:

‘Sharon en Thatcher zijn mijn voorbeelden.’ ('Sharon and Thatcher are my examples')

'Ik ben verliefd of Israel' ('I'm in love with Israel')

And Geert's love for Israel is far from unrequited; a bit further down:

'Geen deur in Israël blijft voor hem gesloten, stelt de PVV-leider. ‘Op het Israëlische ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken kwam ik in het strengst beveiligde deel – achter dikke deuren – en daar zat dan de Iran-desk, allemaal wetenschappers die kranten in het Farsi spelden’, beweert hij in De Pers.'

'No door remains closed to him [in Israel], posits the leader of the PVV. 'At the Israeli Minister of the Interior I ended up in the most secure area - behind thick doors - and there was the Iran desk, all scientists that spell newspapers in Farsi', he claimed in De Pers [The Press].'

The uber-Islamophobe of Europe is a most welcome, feted even, guest in the racist state of Israel. Quelle surprise!

Here he is at a press conference at the House of Lords in the UK on 5 March, after the screening of his film Fitna:


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