Friday, December 16, 2011

Special Appeal: Medical Aid to Palestinians

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It is at this time of year, particularly as a father of two boys, that I feel most depressed about the complete injustice and terrible conditions the innocent children of Palestine face every day.

These young children have lived through horrendous atrocities: air strikes and rocket attacks by the Israeli military, death and destruction on an unimaginable scale and grinding poverty caused by decades of military occupation.

Many children in Gaza are deeply scarred by what they have witnessed: frightened, confused and angry. How could they not be? So many still suffer from flashbacks, nightmares, bedwetting, sleep disorders and depression.

I have just returned from Palestine, where I was amazed by the energy and friendship of the children there. Even with their physical or mental scars, the children still have the strength and resilience to look to the future with optimism. But to do so they need our help to heal deep emotional wounds that have harmed their young lives.
Please donate today.
You could help us bring comfort and support to a young child who has lost their childhood.

Whilst on visits to Palestine, to see MAP’s work, I have often been questioned by young Israeli soldiers about why I visit and what I do. Their ambivalent attitude towards aid workers throughout Palestine is hard to explain when they can see that we are there to help. They don’t appear to understand or care that a terrified seven-year-old just wants to be a child, just wants to grow up to do something with their life. They ignore the fact that imprisoning people behind a blockade and denying them their fundamental right to access adequate health care will mean they never heal the wounds of conflict. I wanted to tell them about nine-year-old Fatima. She was six years old when Israel invaded Gaza and took her childhood, leaving her a terrified shell of a girl who still finds it hard to cope and play with other children.
With your help we can reach children like Fatima, giving them the care and support they need to recover.

MAP’s programmes save and improve the quality of lives in many ways – but none is more important than giving scared children the chance to just be children. Imagine if we could help more children who are hoping that someone will listen giving them the space and time to find their feet again.

We could reach more of these children, but we cannot do this without your support. If you could help us, we could make sure that Palestinian children receive the care they need to heal their physical and mental wounds.


£20 could help supply toys, paper and crayons – tools which the children of Gaza can use to help express their trauma.

£50 could help pay for an experienced psychologist to provide expert care to psychologically injured children.

£500 could help a child attend 14 sessions on MAP’s psychosocial care programme and start to recover from their experiences of conflict

Last year I made a promise to the children of Gaza, I promised that MAP would be there to help the children rebuild their lives. I am asking you again to remember those brave children who, despite their suffering, have dreams of a better world. Please will you make a donation today to help us support vulnerable Palestinian children.

To help children cope with trauma, MAP provides a programme of specialist care. We give children the time, attention, support and professional care that helps them to recover and begin to enjoy their lives, to be children again.

Please will you make a donation this Christmas so MAP can continue to give children the medical aid and practical support that could save their lives?

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Steven James

Chief Executive

P.S. Between 7th and 13th December:

• 14 Palestinian children were injured by the Israeli Army in demonstrations in the West Bank
• 1 child was killed by the Israeli Army in Gaza
• 8 children were injured by the Israeli Army in Gaza

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