Friday, April 29, 2005

The Content Bonanza

Content is King! has been the adage of the Search Engine marketing community for quite some time now. Build quality, interesting, unique content and lots of it too and they will come. The spiders and the searchers that is.

Building a large property with loads of keyword rich spiderable content can be compared to weaving a large fishing net. The larger the net, the larger the catch, or so the theory goes.

Blogging and RSS newsfeeds for example are the results of the quest for ever more and ever fresh content.

Content providing Websites are mushrooming. Hosted content, Client Side content, articles, you name it and someone provides it, often at very low cost.

Google alone has indexed an estimated 5 billion new Web pages in the last 2 – 3 years. That’s about 5 million pages per day!

Most of these indexed pages never get seen by human eyes. Tucked away at the tail end of the SERPs they simply don’t get found by searchers. Most documents remain nothing more than index filler.

And let’s face it: how much can really be written in a unique way about any given topic without rehashing existing documents? There is a limit, a glass ceiling as it were.

In terms of search results for most search topics, the supply generally far outweighs demand.

No one denies that high quality content is what searchers are looking for. But by generating ever more content on often the same topics aren’t we simply but ineffectively trying to out do the next guy?

The content bonanza: where will it end…


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