Saturday, October 08, 2005

Working your fingers to the bone for Christ...

Following a story by our well-coiffed media attack-poodles, ABC News, it would appear that to combat the stress resulting from trying to turn the rest of the world into an extension of America's Religious Right bampots, many of these evangelists are turning to... porn... for a little light relief.

It's becoming such a scourge, according to that there's actually a business opportunity in combating the sinning, ejaculating pastors and their triple X pastimes.

It remains somewhat unclear whether
this is a true story, a true lie, a spoof or indeed a money spinner. But can confirm (whilst trying to keep a straight face) that in the US of AntiChrist, porn is... big business! You don't say...

Maybe the Victorians were right: masturbation can make you blind. Where's that goddamn keyboard hiding now...

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