Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lords Reject Torture Evidence Use

The ruling that secret evidence obtained through torture cannot be used against terror suspects in UK courts will be hailed by many as a human rights victory. But is it really? No, before you jump to the wrong conclusion, I'm as much against torture as anyone else. Torture has never been used to reveal the truth, instead it is used to extract a confession, at any cost, and that is quite a different matter altogether. That's why it's deplorable that the House of Lords even have to consider the possibility of the admissibility of such "evidence" in our courts.

It's an indictment of these times and the state of our democracy that a practice which has been banned from this country for centuries, was once again seen as a possible, legitimate means to combat terror. It's not a victory but rather a defeat when the House has to spend time on a practice that is so clearly and totally morally reprehensible.

Via BBC.



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