Monday, November 27, 2006

From Autumn Clouds to Valentine’s Day (On the Gaza ceasefire)


Be honest. Who really remembers, in the days following disengagement, when the first Qassam went flying off into the Western Negev sky? Who paid close attention to the details of Israel’s evolving policy towards Gaza, and the Palestinian response to it? Did we notice the dangers unfold, or were we content to live in the deception that the occupation of Gaza was over, and all was well in the world? And did the Palestinians form a constructive vision for how to build a more positive future from the Israeli withdrawal, or did they simply view it as an opportunity for more ‘resistance’? More, including links


At 11:24 PM, Blogger Greg said...

Just going on the paragraph I read here are a few responses:

1. Israel has and intended to fully "disengage" from Gaza. It is not interested in keeping its army in Gaza due to the large casualty rate and the fact that Israel felt responsible to provide Palestian Gazans water, fuel, etc. since '67. Egypt was wise to not accept the Gaza Strip in a final settlement with Israel. Sadat was a Hitler-like evil genius.

2. The Palestinians saw(and continue to see) the Israeli withdrawel as a Hamas victory and another means of "driving the Jews into the sea."


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