Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Here's a slightly comical take on Olmert's 'nuclear slip/not slip/(delete as appropriate)' by Israelity blog.

OK, so our Prime Minister Ehud Olmert really stupidly said this thing that he wasn’t supposed to say and really shouldn’t have said.

So what does the Israeli media do this morning? Talk about the story endlessly in the context of which they say the thing he shouldn’t have said over and over again.

And talk about how he shouldn’t have said it. But if he shouldn’t have said it, then THEY shouldn’t be talking about it either….

I spent the morning yelling at the radio, “If HE wasn’t supposed to say it, so why are YOU saying it?!?!”

OK, I’ve gotten it out of my system now.

See, look at me! I’ve managed to talk about it without saying what it is. Now, let’s all shut up now.

I will.

But I probably won't...


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