Thursday, February 22, 2007

That Shrivelling ID Movement...

From Larry Moran - Sandwalk blog

Phillip Johnson has just posted a long essay on Intelligent Design Creationism [
Intelligent Design in Biology: the Current Situation and Future Prospects].
... my personal view is that I identify the designer of life with the God of the Bible, although intelligent design theory as such does not entail that. Phillip Johnson

Like most IDiot arguments, this one relies on two main points: (1) evolution is wrong, (2) the bad guys are picking on us. There isn't one single scientific argument in favor of intelligent design.

This isn't really news but it's still worth pointing out. The Intelligent Design Creationists often claim that their case does not rely on disproving evolution but instead relies on positive evidence for intelligent design. Well, here was their big chance to prove it in an essay by the founding father. They blew it. I hate hypocrisy.


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