Friday, March 02, 2007

Fayed wins a jury for Diana inquest

So the Egyptian Shopkeeper has won a battle: a jury is to hear the inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana and his son Dodi. Will this change anything at all? Will the conspiracy theorists supporting the chimera of the alleged murder of Diana and Dodi ever be satisfied to hear their demise was indeed a tragic accident caused by a drugged and drunk driver of the vehicle that crashed all three into an early death? No, of course not.

Fayed himself has already, pre-emptively it would seem, expressed doubts on the proceedings (from
The Guardian):
Speaking outside the court, Mr al Fayed welcomed the judges' ruling. "This is not the end of the road, but an important step," he said.

"The jury must now be allowed to hear the entirety of the evidence, but I fear there will be attempts to keep it from them. If so, that will be yet another battle I will have to fight."

Despite an overwhelming body of evidence pointing to a fairly straightforward accidental chain of events, Fayed, his acolytes at The Daily Express (The Diana Express) and its readers will continue to believe whatever they want to believe, no matter what the long-awaited jury verdict will be:
He said he had "already had to fight for almost 10 years to establish once and for all how they died, why they died, who ordered their murders and who slaughtered them with such awful brutality".

"This is my duty as a father," he added. "I shall not fail Diana or Dodi, though the barriers erected against me have been many and formidable."

Mr al Fayed said he wanted to be sure the jury was independent, telling reporters: "You don't understand the tricks the establishment can play."

He told reporters he wanted Prince Charles and Prince Phillip to be called to give evidence at the inquest, saying: "Those are the people who really ordered the murder. I'm the only person who knows exactly what happened."

To Fayed et al, this is an open and shut case, no evidence needed, they simply know the truth and the illuminati are suppressing it...

Have you ever heard of a conspiracy theory that somehow died? No, you never heard that. If anything, evidentiary setbacks only further strengthen the proponents' view that 'there must be something we aren't being told', 'that questions remain' and 'that the establishment controls the flow of information', etc. And so, once the conspiracy nuts have started the rumour mill, there simply is no stopping it. Roswell, JFK, 9/11,
the trawler Gaul, Diana/Dodi and many, many more will be with us till the end of days, wasting much time of those who appear simply to have too much time on their hands. Quixotical heroes chasing phantoms...


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