Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pelosi Wears Hijab! The West Has Lost!

Some rightwing kneejerkers are getting their knickers in a twist over the latest liberal outrage: Pelosi in the Middle East (WOW! Scary stuff!). Here's a funny take on Nancy Pelosi's visit to Syria and why her wearing a headscarf isn't the End of Civilisation as We Know It. Follow the links for more fun...

And the prize for funniest over-reaction to Pelosi's trip goes to this 4th grade twit:
This is a very dangerous step that the dems are taking. They are rewriting the constitution of our country and undermining what the pres is doing. Wither or not you agree should be debated here not there and not by saying to the world I am the queen and will do what I want. We have military people around the world that will be in harms way because of what this idiot and her dem friends have done. America you voted these people into power and I can see that the America we knew and loved is going to be a totally different place after they get done rewriting the constitution to fit their own agenda and it will not be for the best interest of our people but for their personal gain. By what this new speaker is doing I think we should scratch the 2008 elections and just give total power or shared power to the speaker and her other half reed and just tell everyone that isn't a dem to go home and they will call when the bathrooms need to be cleaned, GOD HELP America AND IF YOU PEOPLE ELECT ANOTHER CLINTON TO THE WHITE HOUSE GOD WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HELP ANYMORE (Source)

Wow, did you write all that by yourself? Or did your nanny give you a hand?


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