Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Health, Fitness and Threadmills: Jackie Mason

Jackie Mason has been getting a tad on my nerves of lately. I've watched this man countless times in his many stand-up routines attacking anything left, right, Jewish, Goy, black, religious, atheist or anything else with a zest that's infectious. Jackie never spares anyone or anything the rod and seemed impossible to place in any definitive political or other category. That's his strength and his device: you can't get mad at him because before you've had a chance he's ridiculing something or someone that you too feel really deserves it. But on his biweekly vlog, Mason clearly does show his political credentials and they're arch-conservative. Problem? No, but it definitely makes his brand of comedy less funny, he's not that much of a political satirist and he should really leave that to the experts of which in the US there are many.

But rummaging a little through his YouTube archive I came across another non-political rant of the kind that made Mason famous and practically a brand name. So, from what is still one of the funniest men on the planet, here's Jackie Mason on why "everything is dangerous"...


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