Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Watch Palestinian land expropriation in action

Yesterday Al Jazeera's series 'Witness' presented by Rageh Omaar showed a less spectacular purpose of Israel's Apartheid Occupation Forces: land expropriations, this time by means of cutting down age old olive trees belonging to Palestinian farmers on Palestinian land.

Watch these brave boys, armed to the teeth, stand up courageously against innocent, unarmed men and women. Their mothers must be so proud of them, diligently carrying out the dirty work needed for the establishing of Greater Israel.

Personally I'd like to think that as a Palestinian I'd have disarmed one of these kid soldiers and put him over my knee for a good spanking, possibly with an olive branch. But I wouldn't have had the courage either: that's the power from the barrel of a loaded gun.

I couldn't embed the video, so, please watch the clip here...


At 11:14 PM, Blogger Renegade Eye said...

That wall has to go.

We see all the time, the primitive Islamist videos on Palestinian TV. They would go away, when cultural isolation goes away. How are isolated people supposed to act?

At 4:04 PM, Blogger Gert said...

"How are isolated people supposed to act?"

Like quiet lambs to the slaughterhouse, presumably.

The Arab population of Palestine during 1900 - 1930 didn't see the writing on the wall (at least not enough). Ironically, during that same period and later, European Jewry didn't see the Shoa coming either...

At 4:08 PM, Blogger Gert said...

... aided and abetted by a European non-Jewish population too pre-occupied with its own besognes...

Funny how my friend Eitan blames Europeans (rightly so) for not doing enough to prevent the slaughter, yet is wholeheartedly in favour of mass-transfer of the Palestinians.


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