Thursday, April 02, 2009

Is Avigdor Lieberman an anti-Zionist Plant?

Wow. This is getting curiouser by the day. Not in position for a day and Avi's making statements that must rile both the Obama administration, all of 'progressive' American Jewry and most European governments. With enemies like that, who needs friends? Go Lieberman, go! Attaboy!


Israel's new foreign minister dismayed the international community today with a rancorous analysis of the peace process and an announcement that the new government favours aggression rather than concessions to the Palestinians.

In his first speech since taking office, the rightwinger Avigdor Lieberman dismissed the last round of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, arguing that Israeli concessions made in a bid to secure peace had all been fruitless.

"Those who want peace should prepare for war and be strong," he said. "There is no country that made concessions like Israel. Since 1967 we gave up territory that is three times the size of Israel. We showed willingness. The Oslo process started back in 1993, and to this day I have not seen that we reached peace."

Speaking to what the Associated Press describes as a roomful of "cringing diplomats", the new foreign minister said Israel was not bound by the Annapolis peace talks. These were initiated in November 2007 to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and involved around 40 countries.

"The Israeli government never ratified Annapolis; nor did [the] Knesset," said Lieberman, promising to honour only the US-initiated "road map" of 2002, which has long been in stalemate amid accusations from both sides.

Lieberman's speech is in stark contrast to remarks made by the incoming prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and the Israeli president, Shimon Peres, who both said the new government would pursue peace on every front.

JStreet's video on Lieberman:


At 10:14 PM, Blogger Emmanuel said...

Hopefully he'll be out of office very soon. An ongoing corruption investigation against him is said to be close to producing an indictment.

I never thought I'd say this about anybody, but thank goodness he's corrupt. Seems that otherwise we'd be stuck with him for very long.

At 2:47 PM, Blogger Gert said...

Oh nooooo! We (the anti-Zionists) invested a lot of money in that guy, making sure he was clean etc etc. That investigation must be sabotaged at once. We cannot afford to lose our biggest mole. Please say it ain't so!


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