Monday, December 28, 2009

Life-Saving Weaponry

The Most Moral Army's website.

H/T to commenter 'Oscar' at Mondoweiss.

Few things are more vomit-inducing than the military of a country boasting the use of the most sophisticated (new, even!) weaponry against a largely defenseless entity. It comes as no surprise that the Most Moral Army in the World [cough!] does precisely that at a webpage cynically titled 'Life-Saving Weaponry'. Just a few snippets:

A year has passed since Operation Cast Lead. This operation brought with it many achievements, mainly for the security of the State of Israel. In addition to the relative quiet in the southern regions of the country, Israel has also gained confidence in new weapons which were initiated during that operation one year ago. Operation Cast Lead was unprecedented in its use of weapons which were used there for the first time.

Nice little training ground that was, Gaza...

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker missile is an anti-tank rocket, used against buildings and entrenchments, which was first brought into use during Operation Cast Lead. The rocket was developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, and is carried by one soldier in the field. This is a rocket of medium weight (about 10 kilograms, or 22 pounds), which enables firing from within buildings, because ensuing sparks and recoil are significantly low.

Well, yes, the name is aptly chosen: Operation Cast Lead had all the attributes of taking a sledgehammer to a crumbly nut!

The Sky-Rider

“A star was born in the Gaza skies,” is how the Skylark 1 UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), named the Sky Rider, was described during the operation. The hundreds of operational flights it completed proved its impressive efficiency with everything related to intelligence gathering during the operation. Intelligence gathering saved many lives, those of IDF soldiers and those of innocent civilians.

I'm sure the Gazans were able to gaze at their 'new star' many, many times...

And so it goes on and on...


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