Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Swap links with us

Barely a fortnight into my blogging adventure and the site is almost fully indexed by Google and the home page is getting too crowded to accommodate more outbound links. Now it’s time to get some relevant PageRank.

Like every site I’m hoping to get some “natural” links but that’s always a bit of a pipe dream. Reciprocal linking is definitely the next best thing, so here goes: we’re now open to link swaps.

I’m offering three types of links:

1. Simple reciprocal links: link from your links page to our home page (or to any post that’s particularly related to your site’s theme) and I’ll link back from this page to the page of your choice.

2. Links between deep content pages: link from any relevant deep content page to any of our posts and I’ll let you create a post of your own with the link of your choice. Your post will be introduced as a guest article. Your link to us must be embedded in your content or be a readable and spiderable text link from your page.

3. Cross links: link to any of the pages of this blog and choose any of the following sites to receive a back link from:,,,

I insist strongly on relevancy. Although this site has a fairly broad theme, I won’t accept links from sites that have no bearing on it whatsoever. Also: no adult, casinos, Viagra, meds and pharms, dating, gaming, hotels or travel sites.

Please address your requests to

Happy Linking!

Sites I recommend:

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