Tuesday, May 03, 2005

PartyPoker.com World Open

This year’s PartyPoker.com Texas Holdem World Open Championships closed a few days ago and someone is a million bucks better off.

PartyPoker.com is an interesting example of Website promotion. To Search Engines, this site has little to offer in terms of content and it doesn’t even appear to try and offer any spiderbait. It doesn’t have massive PageRank either, in fact the PR toolbar is empty. It probably doesn’t even rank very highly in it’s niche either. Casinos and related are amongst the most super saturated keyword spaces on the Net, 99.9% of these sites remain firmly invisible in the SERPs. But PartyPoker doesn’t appear to care about SEs whatsoever.

And so with millions of similarly content devoid sites clamouring for the few much coveted top spots, PartyPoker.com chooses to concentrate on:

  1. being an extremely user friendly site

  2. off line advertising rather than Search Engine marketing

The user experience certainly can’t be faulted. I’ve played online Texas Holdem for play money [coward] several times at PartyPoker and I love it.

But it’s the branding of the site that’s really the key point. Televised tournaments like the PartyPoker Texas Holdem World Open have put this site on the map here in Europe. Their playing tables are full and usually you have to join a short waiting list to be “seated”. And if you’re a hard man you can always try and become an Internet qualifier for the next World Open. That million could be yours too!



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