Saturday, June 04, 2005

Google sitemaps

WebProNews’s feature article this week unveiled Google’s latest initiative: Google sitemaps. This initiative would allow most webmasters to have their ever changing website content crawled almost continuously (although that’s not actually guaranteed).

It works when webmasters generate an XML formatted sitemap of their web pages, containing a list of all URLs, along with optional information on how often a given page is likely to change. Auto-notification is supported, so that when a sitemap changes, Google knows about it and can recrawl the site. Sounds like a dream come true, has Google actually gone
webmaster friendly, as suggested on their blog? ( that’s so cute, they use their own free service!) Is the bourbon hitting home already?

And all this in a drive to stay on top of the ever changing, ever growing WWW.

Learn some more about the philosophy behind Google sitemaps in this
interview with Google’s ubergeek.

Participation is free (you need an account though) and software to generate the sitemaps is also freely available.

This could be truly big.


At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As has been discussed numerous times on other forums - sites get crawled and their site maps are seen by the spiders almost daily but these actions don't seem to have any affect on Google's search results. So, what's the point of even participating? At least that's what I've been wondering for the past weeks.


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