Friday, May 27, 2005

Gordon Ramsay is not a TV Chef...

is about as true as me saying: I’m an Internet celebrity. Gordon Ramsay, a self-made top Chef and restaurateur, first caught the eye of the British box lovers with his “reality” TV show Gordon Ramsay’s boiling point where he’s seen at work in one of his own kitchens. Swearing, cussin’ and fussin’ at anything with a pulse and within 500 W reach, Gordon cleverly made an endless stream of profanities his TV trademark. But it’s clear that clever cutting makes it appear the man can only express himself in four letter words, when really he’s a pussycat [purr, purr].

The swearing did land him into a spot of bother once. Gordon had signed an endorsement agreement to promote the Bramley apple variety but in another TV appearance claimed that “these f*****g Bramley apples are s**t!” It didn't go down too well with the sponsors and the lawsuit was settled out of court, or so I believe.

Gordon decided to go back to that place where Chefs belong: the kitchen. By now a nationwide celebrity, he claimed he was not a TV Chef or… a celebrity Chef for that matter.

By my count, Gordon has now starred in at least four fully featured series of various TV shows, including the massive popular (and incredibly vulgar) Hell’s Kitchen. A new series of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares has just started. Gordon’s TV penetration is now threatening to out-broadcast
Delia Smith, not a mean feat. Delia famously taught the British how to boil an egg! [what about beans on toast?]

Gordon still spends a lot of time in the kitchen, as long as it’s inside a TV recording studio!



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