Tuesday, May 10, 2005

SEO Nostalgia

The whole SEO sector has become so utterly straight, it’s almost boring. Gone are the days of juicy scandals and mega rip offs by the snake oil merchants of SEO. Sure, you still get the odd flare up and there still a lot of SEO egarbage being peddled but it’s just not like the good ole’ days. Of course that’s a good thing, don’t get me wrong.

But rummaging through some old Web files of mine I stumbled on an old link to one of the more meaty “class of 99" sizzlers of SEO abuse. Nostalgia…

It tells the tale of Ronald J. Penna, Michael K. Osborn and Kevin Smith who owned the Search Engine Marketing firm Website Results, later renamed Intellitech [now clicketyclick.biz? Who knows.]

The story, by
Salon.com (you may need to click through to the actual story, near the top of the page), features a heady mix of bullying leadership, click fraud, black hole Search Engine Optimisation, bodybuilding, a cult-like atmosphere and dreams of Hollywood! This is film noir applied to SEO, a dot noir as it were. Top rankings!


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