Friday, May 13, 2005

More Spammers in the Slammer?

One of the earlier convictions for spam ended up in the right to appeal of the defendant.

Could it be that legal action against known hard spammers/scamsters if finally gaining a little momentum?

From the BBC newsfeed:

The Massachusetts attorney general has filed a lawsuit against one of the world's biggest spam gangs.

An emergency court order granted under the suit should see the network of websites the spammers ran shut down.

The attorney general alleges that ringleader Leo Kuvayev and six others in the spam gang sent millions of messages to drive people to the sites.

Offered for sale on the websites were pornography, pills, pirated software and fake fancy watches.

Bill might be right though, the battle against spam may be easier to win through technological advances than across the courtrooms. Too many defendants to process…


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